Low Height Ceiling Fan With Light


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Low Height Ceiling Fan With Light - What is the reason for having a reverse button on ceiling fans? Well "they," say that you CAn't stand a draft during winter months, but that it is possible to equalize the air temperature by using your fan in the reverse way. I always wondered why the ceiling fans that were older did not have a reverse button. The people that designed those fans, only too ignorant to think of used reverse in winter?

During winter, when you apply the central heating system, the warm air coming out of the registers, in each room, will naturally rise and because the registers are up high already, the hot air will build at the ceiling level and slowly work its way down toward floor amount. The heating unit runs until the temperature is comfortable at the low levels of the rooms. But by the time this occurs, it will be quite hot at the ceiling level.

But what if there is a method to get this hot air down to the low levels, off the ceiling where we live. The heating unit wouldn't need to work as long as well as the savings on our utility bill may be considerable. The temperature would basically equalize at floor and ceiling levels, which means that the heat wouldn't be squandered keeping the ceilings warm.

But someone said the draft developed by the ceiling fans would be too much for winter months. So someone else said "well, let us only turn the ceiling fans and let the air blow up until it hits the ceiling and then it'll go horizontal in all ways until it hits the walls. Then it's going to come down until it hits the floor. Now it's going to go, toward the middle of the space, back in at floor level and then back up to the ceiling fan.